Student Support

De Montfort University Kazakhstan (DMUK) has a dedicated student support team to help deal with any issues you may have before, during and after your studies. Whether it’s finding accommodation and settling in, to arranging academic support – the support team can help point you in the right direction.

At DMUK, we are dedicated to creating an environment that focuses on students' health and wellbeing to help them to live a healthy, happy, and productive life. That includes providing resources that support their development and studies, helping them to succeed and to achieve their full potential both inside and outside of the classroom.

Induction Week

Induction week is conducted to welcome incoming students (Freshers) and get them acquainted with DMUK. It is a week-long activity all about helping students transition into the Higher Education environment. The induction programme familiarises students with the services provided by the academic, administrative, and student services departments along with the facilities available at the University.

Academic Support

DMUK has dedicated resources to provide extra academic support to students. Areas where we help include:

  • Essay writing (style, structure and referencing)
  • General written English (grammar, punctuation)
  • Research (skills and sources)
  • Time management
  • Verbal presentations
  • Revision and exams

Personal Tutor Scheme

All DMUK, IYZ, Undergraduate and Postgraduate students have a designated personal tutor throughout their programme. From the moment they join the university, students are encouraged to build a relationship with their personal tutor who will support and guide them in their journey to fulfil their academic potential and to achieve their academic goals.

Health and Well-being

The Health and Well-being team offers counselling to give students the opportunity to talk in confidence with someone who is impartial and separate from work, social and family life. The team also offers a fantastic range of #HealthyDMUK masterclasses, including yoga, mindfulness and many more. These masterclasses are an opportunity to develop life skills such as managing pressure effectively and building self-confidence.

Student Complaints and Grievances

De Montfort University Kazakhstan is committed to providing an excellent educational experience for students, we know that sometimes you will need to raise a concern or get further support. There are many ways for you to seek help in resolving problems:

  • Your Personal Tutor
  • Student Services Department

The university encourages students to identify, raise and resolve any concerns or problems themselves, as above, in the first instance and at the earliest opportunity. If this is unsuccessful, or concerns are substantial, students can then engage with the University Student Complaints Procedure.

The aims of the Student Complaints Procedure are

to resolve complaints in a timely, effective and fair manner

to resolve complaints in the area in which they arise

to improve service delivery and the student experience
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