DSU - De Montfort Student Union

DSU is our independent student-run and student-led organisation which aims to drive positive change for all students and looks after the events, societies, sports, clubs and volunteer groups. These groups provide an excellent opportunity be involved with something amazing while at DMUK and make memories that will last for life.

The DSU is also the main and direct channel for the DMUK student body to communicate with staff and administration. If students want to implement a change or project, the DSU is the way to do it. The DSU are here to give you, our students, a voice and representation. The DSU works closely to gather feedback from the student body and to report on their findings with academic and administrative staff at DMUK through both formal and informal meetings.


Dauren Shametov


Khantore Dombayev

Vice President

Karina Kadochnikova


Mariya Svetlichnaya

Media and Publicity Officer

Galymzhan Dyussenov

Health and Well-Being Officer

Adema Shyngyssova

Events and Fundraising Officer

Alexandra Layurova

Equality and Sustainability Officer

Anara Mukhtarkhan

Academics Officer

Contact Us
  • +7 727 339 00 90 (Admissions)
  • +7 700 339 00 90 (Admissions)
  • +7 771 500 55 77 (WhatsApp)
  • officedmuk@dmuk.edu.kz (General Enquiries)
  • admissions@dmuk.edu.kz (Admission)
  • Almaty City, Medeu District, 120/48, premises 4, Al-Farabi Ave., 050044, Almaty, Republic of Kazakhstan
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  1. How can we reduce food waste at school/university and in our community? How can we raise awareness about responsible consumption in our community?
  2. How can you spread and help to create a kindness revolution?
  3. How can we waste less energy in our day-to-day lives?
  4. How can we solve the problem of urban sprawl?
  5. How do people and their practices impact the earth and its climate?
  6. How can we use our voices to affect change?
  7. How can we redesign a package to make it more sustainable?
  8. What kind of education do you need to be skilled for the future of work (to stay relevant)? Design a curriculum for yourself that supports the skills you think you need to succeed.