10% discount for the first year
till March 15, 2024

Early bird discount

- embark on your academic journey with confidence through the Early Admission Offer Programme, designed to provide prospective students with a unique opportunity to secure their spot in our vibrant learning community ahead of the regular admission cycle with:


discount for the first year

  • till March 15, 2024
  • applicable for IYZ and direct entry

Students who apply by this deadline receive priority consideration for other scholarships and financial aid programmes.


discount for the first year

  • till May 15, 2024
  • applicable for IYZ and direct entry

Who is eligible for early bird discount:

  • This scholarship is designed to reward proactive and enthusiastic students who demonstrate a commitment to their education at DMUK.

  • Students should accomplish all application procedures by March 15, 2024 (for a 10% discount )/May 15, 2024 (for a 5% discount)

Application Process

Prospective students should apply here and pay a non-refundable Application fee (100 USD)

Pass entry interview with Admission Team of the University

Receive an offer letter from DMUK Admission Team

Accept the offer

Sign an agreement with DMUK and pay a Security Deposit of 2500 USD (the security deposit is non-refundable)

* The Early Admission Offer Programme is subject to availability and specific eligibility criteria.

Other discount types


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- as an employability and entrepreneurship-focused university, we have been developing strong relations with local companies from different industries and sectors. Our corporate partnerships enable us to develop mutual relations with the corporates. Our students and corporate partners benefit from these partnerships in different ways. Employees’ children of our corporate partners are eligible for a grant of USD 1,250 (or 10% of the programme tuition fee).


Full advance
payment discount

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- a discount of 3% of the net annual tuition fees will be awarded to any student, (International Year Zero (Foundation), undergraduate or postgraduate) who pays their net annual tuition fees in full before 1 September 2024 for the September Intake. A student who first pays $2,500 of their fees to confirm their place for the chosen programme, and then decides to pay the tuition fee in full will also be eligible for this discount. The discount will be calculated on the net tuition fee, after deducting any other applicable scholarship(s) or discount(s) received by the student.


Family loyalty

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- a discount of 5% of the net annual tuition fees will be offered when two or more students from the same immediate family enroll for any International Year Zero (foundation), Undergraduate and Postgraduate programme. Immediate family members include parents, spouses, and siblings. This scholarship will not apply to the first enrolled student, but only to the second, third, etc. family members. This scholarship will only apply for every year of study if there are two or more active and enrolled immediate family members paying their fees in the same academic year but for post-graduate students enrolled on the part-time option the scholarship would apply or be eligible for just one time for their enrolment on a programme.


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