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A new building - high quality premises and a great learning environment.

You work best where you’re happy and inspired, so we’re investing to create a great learning environment.

DMU Kazakhstan will operate from a new building in Esentai City, Almaty, opposite Esentai Mall and the Ritz-Carlton hotel. The campus will be newly interior designed to ensure a high quality premises and learning environment and experience for our students. The infrastructure in the building's development is the best in its class.

As a campus university situated in the hub of Almaty, DMU Kazakhstan students get the best of both worlds. A safe and peaceful place to study with everything in easy reach, while only minutes away from the exciting buzz of the city centre.

Our building will reflect our commitment to creative education, and will be designed with interesting architecture and innovative facilities and spaces to encourage students from different subject areas to study, interact, relax and work together.

Please revisit this part of our website as we will be providing regular updates and images of the campus development.

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  • Almaty City, Medeu District, 120/48, premises 4, Al-Farabi Ave., 050044, Almaty, Republic of Kazakhstan
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  2. How can you spread and help to create a kindness revolution?
  3. How can we waste less energy in our day-to-day lives?
  4. How can we solve the problem of urban sprawl?
  5. How do people and their practices impact the earth and its climate?
  6. How can we use our voices to affect change?
  7. How can we redesign a package to make it more sustainable?
  8. What kind of education do you need to be skilled for the future of work (to stay relevant)? Design a curriculum for yourself that supports the skills you think you need to succeed.