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Study at the Centre for English Language Learning (CELL)

At the Centre for English Language Learning, we specialize in IELTS preparation and English for Business. Our highly qualified and experienced team of teachers are dedicated to helping our students achieve their best possible IELTS scores to empower them to pursue their academic and professional dreams with confidence. As the first British University in Kazakhstan, we understand academic IELTS as well as the English language needs of the business community. Find out more about our courses here.

Our Team members

Simon Etherton

Head of Centre for English Language Learning

Diana Kurmangaliyeva

Teaching Centre Manager

Nurila Makasheva

IELTS Teacher

Franceska Gropaj

IELTS and Business English Teacher

Aigerim Saduakassova

IELTS Teacher

Jeffrey Martin

EAP Lecturer

Martin Hill

EAP Lecturer

Sara Tirone

EAP Lecturer

Benedict Potter

EAP Lecturer

Claudette Clerc

EAP Lecturer

Almaty Centre

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Authorised British Council IELTS Registration Centre

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CELTA Certification. Each teacher holds a CELTA certificate. This qualification equips them with essential pedagogical skills and teaching methodologies specifically tailored for non-native English learners.

Extensive IELTS Teaching Experience. All our teachers have a wealth of experience in teaching IELTS, having worked with numerous students from diverse backgrounds. They are intimately familiar with the test format, scoring criteria, and common challenges that test-takers face.

Language Proficiency. Our teachers are exceptionally proficient in English, demonstrating native or near-native fluency. They possess an in-depth understanding of English grammar, vocabulary, syntax, and idiomatic expressions, ensuring that students receive top-notch language instruction.

Academic Background. Our teachers have impressive academic backgrounds, typically holding a Master’s degree in Language Teaching, Linguistics, Applied Linguistics, Education, or related fields. This academic foundation enables them to employ evidence-based approaches in their teaching.

IELTS Examiner Experience. Some of our teachers have worked as official IELTS examiners in the past, providing them with unique insights into the test's assessment process. This knowledge allows them to guide students effectively, ensuring they focus on key areas to improve their scores.

British Campus. Our courses are conducted in the state-of-the-art campus of the first British University in Kazakhstan, providing students with a world-class learning environment that fosters academic excellence and cultural immersion. The campus is equipped with modern facilities and resources, creating a conducive setting for language learning.

Small-sized Classes. CELL offers small-sized classes that ensure individualized attention and support for every student's language development. With limited class sizes, our experienced teachers can focus on each student's unique learning needs, strengths, and areas for improvement. This personalized approach enables students to progress at their own pace and receive tailored feedback, leading to significant improvements in their English language proficiency.

Updated with IELTS Changes. Our teachers stay up-to-date with any changes or updates in the IELTS test format, content, and scoring system. This ensures that the instruction provided aligns with the latest requirements, maximizing students' chances of success.

Supportive and Motivating. Our teachers create a positive and encouraging learning environment to inspire students to excel in their IELTS journey. They offer constructive feedback, constant support, and motivation to boost students' confidence and keep them focused on their goals.

British Council. CELL takes pride in being an authorized IELTS Registration Center in partnership with the British Council, offering seamless registration for students. This prestigious affiliation reflects our commitment to quality and compliance, setting us on the path to becoming an official IELTS Exam Centre, where we can conduct test sessions with the highest standards. We utialso use the British Council language proficiency test English Score as an assessment tool and offer it for free to our customers to gauge their current language proficiency level so we can recommend the right course to meet their needs.

Cambridge English. CELL also collaborates with Cambridge, a renowned authority in English language testing. This partnership allows us to access the latest and most comprehensive IELTS materials, including the acclaimed "Mindset for IELTS" resources, which provide students with invaluable insights and strategies to excel in the examination. Moreover, through our affiliation with Cambridge, we gain access to a wealth of recent IELTS mock exam papers, designed to simulate the test experience and familiarize students with real exam scenarios.

CELL DMUK is an authorised British Council IELTS registration centre. As an official partner of the British Council, you can register for your IELTS exam through us, prepare for the exam on one of our world class IELTS preparation courses at the DMUK campus, and finally take the exam with the British Council confident that you will achieve your best possible score. Please contact us via WhatsApp +7 771 772 2006.

Contact Us
  • +7 727 339 00 90 (Admissions)
  • +7 700 339 00 90 (Admissions)
  • +7 771 500 55 77 (WhatsApp)
  • (General Enquiries)
  • (Admissions)
  • Almaty City, Medeu District, 120/48, premises 4, Al-Farabi Ave., 050044, Almaty, Republic of Kazakhstan
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