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We at DMUK place utmost importance and care on student experience, supporting them in their studies and in their life journey. The student experience encompasses the many different aspects of student life: academic and intellectual, as well as social and emotional. In addition, we work to provide growth of cultural, political, athletic, and artistic interests.

  • Being a student is an exciting experience! But, like most new experiences, it can sometimes be challenging. Participating in student activities is more than just having fun.
  • Student activities give you a free platform to showcase your talent, skills, and innovations.
  • Campus life is more than classrooms and assignments. Student activities help you build a better character and personality and form a better understanding of life.

Among many of the activities, we at the Student Services organise sports, recreational, cultural, social, and community engagement activities. Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Hub functions as the platform for students’ activities and showcasing their work.


Indoor and Outdoor games are part of DMUK student life. Football, basketball, volleyball are some of the major sports at DMUK. Varsity competitions are also organised.

Arts & Culture

Exhibitions are held regularly with students displaying their works. Art House performances are also organised.


Merch shops and sales are regularly held. National events like Nauryz are celebrated on-campus as well.

Creating awareness and theme-based weeks such as: Future Almaty, Fashion in 2050, Women Empowerment, World Environment Day(Recycle, Recreate Reuse),Carbon neutral Almaty, World Entrepreneurs Day, World Graphic Design Day, Halloween and many more.

Community Engagement

  • DMUK encourages students to take part in community activities and charity fairs such as the merch shop and sales. Proceeds are donated to recognised charitable institutions.

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  • DMUK also supports students participating in sports and cultural activities. Intercollegiate sport events are organised periodically, and cultural activities are promoted through various clubs. Some cultural events include the EdGala, DMUKoachella and Camp Day.


  • In addition, a comprehensive professional development program enhances soft skills by getting students involved in a wide array of student activities.
  • Lastly, collaboration with local business is part of the community engagement initiative. We are dedicated to outreach with our community, and finding new innovative ways to work together and grow together.

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