McDonald’s to I’M: Brand Localization Case by Grey Cardinals PR Agency

The beginning of DMUK Semester 2’s Enhancement Week took place on February 5, 2024, featuring a guest lecture by Yrys Amangeldi, Head of PR & Corporate Communications at Grey Cardinals PR Agency.

The lecture showcased a distinctive case study involving the transformation of McDonald’s into I’M Café and I’M Drive in Kazakhstan. Following McDonald’s closure in January 2023, the existing infrastructure persisted in operation without a formal logo or brand identity until November 2023. Grey Cardinals, leading PR Agency on the market, was in charge the brand transitioning.

“Yrys Amangeldi’s lecture was particularly aimed at business & marketing students, highlighting the rebranding’s strategic intricacies and broader implications,” said DMUK Marketing Lecturer Rafael Santacruz said. “It unfolded the strategic layers involved in reimagining a global brand to resonate with local tastes while maintaining its core value and identity. The decision to operate without a recognized brand for nearly a year makes this case study a captivating example of brand resilience and strategic navigation in uncertain times.”

Enhancement Weeks at DMUK are designed to promote comprehensive student development, providing a variety of engagement formats. DMUK strongly encourages students to engage actively in Enhancement Week events, bridging theoretical knowledge with practical scenarios.

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