Visa advice

Studying abroad is a life-changing opportunity and we want to make sure our international students can make the most of their time at DMU Kazakhstan without having to worry about visa or immigration issues.

There are 2 categories of international students arriving to the Republic of Kazakhstan for study:

1. Need a student visa to enter Kazakhstan

2. Does not need a student visa to enter Kazakhstan but needs a passport registration for a study period.

Those international students who do need a visa to study at DMU Kazakhstan are required to have a C9 student visa. Students will apply for the visa through the Consulate/Embassy of Kazakhstan in their home/resident countries. Student visas are typically issued for a period of an entire academic year (or the full academic term for short-term students). This visa type allows students to make multiple entries to Kazakhstan. The visa must be renewed each year. Depending on your nationality, you may not need a student visa.

Our Admissions team will support you through the visa and course application process. 

Applying for a student visa

Step 1: Clarify all steps, requirements, costs and timeline

The length of time your visa takes to be processed will depend on a number of factors, including your country of residence. Check with the relevant consulate of Kazakhstan nearest you to learn more about what to expect throughout the application process. Also make sure to work with our Admissions team throughout the application process so you can manage your travel and arrival to Kazakhstan accordingly.

Step 2: Get a Letter of Invitation (LOI)

Before students can apply for a visa, the Support staff must obtain a Letter of Invitation from the Kazakhstan government on the prospective student's behalf. This can take up to 14 days. Students must email all required documents to us as early as possible (at least one month before the start of the term).

The Admissions team will review the following documents and then submit them to the Office of Migration Service in Almaty. Once the Office of Migration Services issues a Letter of Invitation, the Support staff will send a scan of the LOI to the prospective student to use in his/hers visa application process.

To obtain Letter of Invitation (LOI) the following documents should be submitted by the candidate to the International Student Coordinator:

Electronic copy of passport identification page.

If the applicant permanently resides and plans to apply for a visa out of their country of citizenship: an electronic copy of the document confirming the long-term stay (e.g. residence/work permit, long-term visitor/dependent visa with an official translation into Kazakh or Russian).

Admission letter from DMU Kazakhstan: As soon as you receive your letter, check to make sure all your personal information is correct and matches the information in your passport. Contact the Admissions team immediately if anything is incorrect.

By submitting an early application for a Letter of Invitation and working closely with the Admissions team you can increase your chances of getting a visa in a timely manner, although it varies based on your country of residence and citizenship.

Step 3: Apply for the visa

Once the student receives a Letter of Invitation from DMU Kazakhstan, they should follow the instructions on the websites of the Embassy/Consulate of the Republic of Kazakhstan of your home country to apply for a visa.

Typically, the following documents are required as part of this process:

  • Copy of the Letter of Invitation
  • Visa application form (from the Consulate of the Republic of Kazakhstan of the student's home country or country of permanent residence)
  • Admission letter from DMU Kazakhstan: As soon as you receive your letter, check to make sure all your personal information is correct and matches the information in your passport.
  • Passport (original + two copies; valid for at least six months beyond the length of the requested visa and have at least two blank pages to stamp the visa)
  • Copy of flight itinerary to Kazakhstan
  • One passport-style photograph (3.5 cm x 4.5 cm)
  • Additional supporting documents: bank statements, health insurance, proof of accommodation in Almaty (hotel, dormitory, etc.)
  • Pay the visa fee (varies from country to country)

Arriving in Kazakhstan
When crossing the border, you need to show your passport and visa, and specify the educational purpose of the arrival to the immigration officer. You may also be asked to show supporting documents, such as your letter of admission.

Registration with local police office
Please note ALL international students including international students from the countries that do not need a student visa must register with the local police.

All international students must register with the Department of Migration Police and Internal Affairs (OVIR) immigration authorities within three business days of their arrival. Failure to do so will result in a fine.

Please see below for the list of the documents required by the Admissions team:

  • Passport (original).
  • 2 copies of passport.
  • Migration card (given at the customs control).
  • Residence address in Almaty (Dormitory or apartment).