Student Complaints and Grievances

De Montfort University Kazakhstan is committed to providing an excellent educational experience for students, we know that sometimes you will need to raise a concern or get further support. There are many ways for you to seek help in resolving problems:

  • Your Personal Tutor
  • Student Services Department

The university encourages students to identify, raise and resolve any concerns or problems themselves, as above, in the first instance and at the earliest opportunity. If this is unsuccessful, or concerns are substantial, students can then engage with the University Student Complaints Procedure.

The aims of the Student Complaints Procedure are

to resolve complaints in a timely, effective and fair manner

to resolve complaints in the area in which they arise

to improve service delivery and the student experience

What falls under the Student Complaints Procedure

The university has processes and procedures for dealing with the following matters:

  • The quality and standard of service provided by the university, including teaching and learning provision;
  • Failure to provide a service as advertised or reasonably expected;
  • Unsuitable facilities or learning resources;
  • Failure of the university to follow an appropriate administrative or academic process;
  • Academic Appeals;
  • Complaints relating to staff or student behaviour.


The Complaint Procedure is intended to provide a streamlined process with a focus on Early Resolution. Students are expected to complete each stage in the process before escalating to the next, if you have grounds.

Focus on Early Resolution

  • In the first instance you should contact the Head of Student Services. You can meet in-person or send an email (general email, and Manju email) regarding your issue or concern. You can download the form here (Early Resolution form). This form will be submitted automatically on completion and sent to the appropriate person.
  • The Early Resolution form will be sent to Student Services who will decide how best to try and reach an outcome for your complaint. This may involve asking you for more information, having a conversation with you to understand the specific issues, investigating the issues raised with other staff or recommending mediation between all parties.
  • Once your complaint has been investigated you will receive an outcome. There will be times when a mutually agreeable resolution cannot be reached. If this is the case you will be given an explanation as to why a complaint outcome is as it is.

Possible outcomes of a complaint

An outcome or remedy will be offered to you.

There is no evidence of wrongdoing and your complaint cannot be taken any further.

Partially upheld
If your complaint concerns multiple elements, some of these may be upheld and other dismissed.

In all cases the Student Services will explain the reason for the outcome to you.

Formal Complaint

You may escalate your complaint to the Formal Complaint stage if you have grounds to do so, as below:

  • The complaint procedure was not followed correctly.
  • New information that was not available earlier in the process, can now be provided by the student, with good reason as to why it could not be produced earlier.
  • Or the decision was wholly unreasonable based on the evidence provided.

You may only submit a Formal Complaint form if the Early Resolution stage has been completed.

You must complete the Formal Complaint form and your case will be investigated by the President of the University. This form will be submitted automatically on completion and the necessary steps will be taken to resolve the issue.

Early Resolution Form Formal Complaint form
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