Marketing Management MSc module details

Block 1: Contemporary Marketing Practice

This module introduces students to the fundamental concepts of marketing alongside the tools/processes currently used by practising marketing professionals and how they are currently applied in the marketplace. It will also look at contemporary developments in marketing practice and the impact of digital technology.

Block 2: Strategic Brand Management

This module considers aspects of contemporary brand management from both a theoretical and practical perspective. It will focus on elements of current branding theory, practices and innovations within various market sectors, and types of organisations. Furthermore, it will develop an appreciation of brands as equity, and the significance of this to organisational strategy.

Block 3: Integrated Marketing Communications

The module firstly considers how messages are processed and understood by the target audience and then evaluates the stages of the planning process required by organisations to develop a strategy that delivers a fully-integrated campaign. Students are given the opportunity to play the role of communication agency executives in determining, producing and defending the development of a communications strategy using contemporary practice, in response to marketing communications problems and briefs.

Block 4: Digital Marketing Strategy

This module introduces students to the broad range of technology used in digital marketing. Companies and organisations of all sizes use a variety of technology and platforms in their digital marketing. This module will also explain and position the strategic digital marketing management decisions available in different market and industry situations enabled by digital technology.


Consumer Experience and Behaviour

Understanding customers is essential for businesses, and in this module students will learn the importance of consumer insight; their motivations, their behaviours, their preferences and even their unmet needs to consistently provide them with added value that leads to strong loyalty and long-term relationships.

Block 5 & 6: One of the following:

Marketing Dissertation

In this module, students will design and develop their own independent research study (secondary and primary) on a specific marketing topic and present their analysis in a Marketing Dissertation. The Marketing Dissertation will enable students to synthesize their knowledge gained in other subjects and apply that understanding and analysis independently in a marketing topic and context they choose for themselves. The module will encourage self-discipline through improved time management skills and follow through of project to completion. It will also demand that students become competent at integrating ideas into a focused research structure and become competent at reading and writing effectively together with skills in self-analysis and reflection.

Marketing Consultancy Project

The Marketing Consultancy Project (MCP) is an individual consultancy project that serves as a commercially and employability-relevant experience and is an alternative to the Marketing Dissertation. It requires a student to compile a 10,000-word report that acts as a solution to a business research challenge. The assessment is in two phases; A. Main report, which includes details of the research / analysis / recommendations, B. Summary presentation. A self-recorded presentation that summarises the key research findings, analysis, and recommendations.

In an identical way to a business consultancy the organisation will give a summary briefing to students either face-to-face or by MS Teams. After 12 weeks of research and project formation, students submit the report and an mp4 file of their summary presentation. MCP briefs are live projects. In this way students gain a guaranteed business consultancy experience and use their learned skills to make a genuine impact and benefit for company, and can summarise the experience on their CV. All MCP briefs will be scrutinised by the module team to ensure they are appropriate to give the elevated level of commercial experience required.

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