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Student Experience Officer


Student Experience Officer will deliver a sector-leading student experience by working collaboratively across the University to embed three key principles:

  • Students as partners in their learning and self-development journey
  • Creating a sense of belonging to place, cohort and social structures
  • Creating a sense of connection to other students and new opportunities.


Service Delivery:

1. Scope and develop the service provision for the new Student Experience Team to meet recommendations from recent research and to proactively engage our students.

2. Ensure the delivery of excellent services to colleagues and stakeholders, effectively using management information, data and other performance indicators to enhance service levels.

3. Develop the capacity and capability of the service through the effective deployment of resources, taking into account the continual review of stakeholder feedback.

Strategic and Operational Planning:

1. Operate highly effective systems and processes for strategic and operational planning including the development of strategies, annual action plans and the production of reports and regular reviews.

2. Support the admissions process in HEI system. Produce and monitor HEI Admissions report on receipt of FINDEP report and manage the student offer process to ensure efficient time sensitive response to submitted applications.

3. Provide high quality management reports which update on progress, and lead on the development of planning which can be translated into actions for front line staff.

5. Support and work with the Student Data Team to register and enrol new students and plan the induction program and with the Marketing and Events Manager support the plans for Freshers week for new students.

6. Support the planning of the Annual DMUK Careers Fair.

7. With the Director of Student Services support the planning and creation of the University’s Careers Department including the development and execution of the internship program.

Other Specific Duties Relating to the Role:

1. To work across the academic areas and support services and in collaboration with DMUK Students’ Union (DSU) to create and develop an annual plan of student communications and campaigns designed to engage students fully with university life. This includes guest speakers, events, international days, field visits, global exchanges, cultural events, career opportunities, internships etc, extra curricular activities, societies, Charity Team, appointment of Ambassadors and DSU elections and appointment of roles and liaison with Alumni.

2. To work closely with colleagues in Student Records Team/communication teams/functions with responsibility for Student Communications to ensure that an annual plan of events/campaigns is coordinated and fully supported across the University.

3. To work to coordinate high-impact campaigns which support the relevant student facing strategies and encourage further engagement with the full range of student enhancement opportunities.

4. To use a range of data to develop a deep understanding of the student community at DMUK and, through this, to identify activities which will ensure the retention and engagement of the student body.

5. To scope, lead and deliver University wide projects which will positively impact on the student experience.

6. To lead the development of the use of student voice in all that we do i.e. appointment of Class Representatives, Student Ambassadors, DSU roles, societies, clubs etc

7. To take responsibility for consistency of messaging style to current students from across the University, as a key aspect of the University brand. This will include Telegram post and contribution to Instagram when content and items relate to Student Experience.

8. With the University Health and Wellbeing Officer lead and manage the University’s Health and Wellbeing agenda.

9. Support the review of the student’s scholarship allocation

10. Work with the team to launch the DMUK Global initiative including Summer School and University exchange programs

11. Manage and oversee the University wide Student Internship program including liaison with corporate clients and induction of students in preparation for internships.

Interest group: Administration and Support
Contract Type: Employment Contract
Employment Type: Full-time

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