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Student Data Officer


To manage and scrutinise maintenance of student records, including financial data for accuracy and quality of historic and current study programme, status and correct fee for the student. Managing regular and timely production of reports, take responsibility for subsequent correction of data and enhancements to systems and processes.

The Student Data Officer will support a centralised administrative department responsible for the delivery of a number of policies, procedures and processes associated with course validation and reapproval, course administration, maintaining student records, graduation and the handling of all student complaints and appeals. Delivering an excellent student experience is central to the work of the Student Data Department.

You will also be a point of contact for colleagues from DMUL relating to the submission of student information and enrolment.

Purpose of the job:

The post holder will support the maintenance and enhancement of student records held by DMUK. With the highest consideration for data integrity, quality and efficiency, the post holder will ensure that processes associated with data management and provision, are customer-centric and streamlined. The post holder will also support the provision of a number of online, student facing systems and functions i.e. Classe 365 and Blackboard which support a positive student experience. The post holder will also support the Student Experience Team in the application of the HEI Admissions portal.

Role Outline:

1. To support the development of the University student records system. To support activities relating to the transition from applicant to enrolled student and student success including Alumni database.

2. To support the development and maintenance of Classe 365 and Blackboard including enrolment processes (HEI), paperless communication, graduation registration, personal detail changes, assessment results communication, enquiry/application forms and extenuating circumstances with the aim of delivering student focused, sector-leading online services.

3. To support the student record system data management with regards to the student lifecycle including:

a) The collection of data through student enrolments, including any statutory requirements; including military sprafcas and requests for Onay cards, medical records, completion of student contracts.

b) Identifying and requesting removal of records and data in line with data retention schedules.

c) Issuing all types of Student Status Confirmation Letters (Memo), Military Sprafkas, etc.

d) Respond promptly and accurately to a full range of complex student inquiries and complaints in a courteous manner regarding student data or academic records. Independently replies to routine inquiries, identifying urgent and complex queries and routing them promptly to the Student Data Manager.

e) Supporting international students with study visas including: sending the Invitation letter to them and the Embassy of RK, consultations, applications for a Student Visa; following the rules for foreign students upon their arrival to Kazakhstan; prolongation of study visa and passport registration; supporting students in cases of loss of passport and other situations; informing students about visa expiry date in advance and performing other duties related to visa process as needed.

f) Compile student data from all departments and submits documents to the requesting department.

5. In liaison with DMUL colleagues, support the data management including;

a) Ensuring all students are able to access Blackboard and are given registration instructions;

b) Fee mapping; and issuing invoices via Classe 365 to students

c) Course and module creation and maintenance in Classe 365, timetabling

d) Module diets;

e) Assessment regulations and rules,

f) Adoption and update of data structures according to institutional arrangements;

g) Import of data into Classe 365; Blackboard,

h) Upload and storage of all signed and completed student contracts, medical certificates etc

6. To support the processing of administrative changes to student records including transfer and withdrawal, and for the processing of decisions made by Assessment Boards including the calculation of results and classifications in line with Assessment Regulations.

7. To support as appropriate developments within the paperless admissions system i.e. all documents to be stored in the cloud and contracts to be signed online. To support the development of IT systems designed to better support, engage and inform students and to track attendance, engagement and success.

8. To have advanced access rights within the student records system to undertake high level administrative tasks, including low attendance notifications.

9. To ensure appropriate business management processes are in place for all aspects of work undertaken by the Student Data team, and that these are reviewed and communicated as appropriate.

10. To support specific information systems projects, as identified and directed by the Director of Student Services, with a particular focus on;

a) Increasing the integration between the Classe 365 system and other academic record systems including timetabling and attendance monitoring.

b) Reducing or eliminating the use of paper-based systems and processes.

11. To support University compliance with EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) (2018) as it emerges and local Ministry rules.

12. To make a proactive contribution to the strategic and operational plans of Student Data Team.

13. To demonstrate excellent communication and interpersonal skills when working with colleagues at all levels across the institution, ensuring the needs of these groups are understood and met.

14. To liaise with external and internal auditors as appropriate i.e. the compliance team when requesting information for the Ministry of Education.

15. To plan institutional events such as student induction and Graduation.

In addition, Student Data Officer is required to:

1. Respect confidentiality: all confidential information should be kept in confidence and not released to unauthorised persons.

2. Undertake appropriate training and development as required.

3. Participate in DMUK’s Performance Review and Development Scheme.

4. Demonstrate excellent Customer Care in dealing with all customers – students, parents etc and be the main communication channel for parents and students via Telegram chat, email and voice/video call.

Interest group: Administration and Support
Contract Type: Employment Contract
Employment Type: Full-time

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