Fees and funding

Going to university represents a real investment in your future and we are committed to supporting local and international students to achieve their goals. 

We set our fees so that students receive a high-quality and distinctive UK education while enjoying excellent facilities and a fantastic experience. We believe our fees are competitive and offer great value for money based on the current market dynamics and the cost of studying for the same UK standard degree outside of Kazakhstan.

Early Bird Discount
Apply and pay your security deposit by 15th May 2022 and take advantage of the following offer:
- receive early bird discount of 5% for your first year’s tuition fees – you pay 11,875 USD
- your tuition fee is fixed at 12,500 USD for the remaining 3 years of study – no fee increases!

For September 2022/23 entry, our tuition fees for full-time undergraduate local and international students are:

PG 2022 Welcome Offer
We are delighted to launch our PG school in September 2022. Apply and pay your security deposit by 15 August, 2022 and take advantage of this one-time offer: 20% off your Master’s program and 10% off your Global MBA tuition fees.

For September 2022/23 entry, our tuition fees for full-time postgraduate local and international students are:

Payment Schedule

The first 50% of the total tuition fee payment will be payable by 31st August before the start of the academic year. 

The second 50% of the total tuition fee payment will be payable by 31st December after the start of the academic year.

Once an offer of a place is accepted you will need to pay a $2500 security fee deposit towards the tuition fees which will be deducted from the balance of your first tuition fee payment.

Tuition Fee Calculator

Exchange Rate

Exchange Rate

USD KZT Deposit 1st Instalment 2nd Instalment
Tuition Fee Appendices
Financial support for students

We are committed to supporting students and firmly believe that finance should not be a barrier to accessing world class university education

We will be offering a large number of discounts and scholarships as part of our offering.

Our Admissions team are here to provide you with advice on all aspects of money matters, including tuition fees, financial help and on funding your studies.

Family loyalty discount

The Family Loyalty Discount is for local and international students. When 2 or more family members enrol at the same time a further 5% discount will be given off your course fees for each family member for each year they are enrolled on a full-time course, whether that is an undergraduate degree, graduate degree or English language course. The discount will be offered for a maximum of 2 family members and the family discount will be applied after any 2022 discount is applied.

You must be the sibling, spouse or child of someone who is either currently studying on, or has graduated from, a full-time course here at DMU Kazakhstan. That relative must also be (or have been) classified as a local or international student.

Siblings: you and your sibling can have one or both parents in common.

Children/parents: you can be related by blood or by marriage.

Spouses: You can become eligible for this discount by marrying someone who is currently studying at the University.

Needs and Merit Based Financial Support – 100%, 50% and 33% DMU Kazakhstan Scholarships

Future great leaders and change makers can come from anywhere. Financial challenge and limitations should not prevent the next great business CEO, entrepreneur, lawyer, or future diplomat from gaining the tools, skill sets and networks to bring positive change and create impact.

We are proud to offer a range of income based and merit-based full and partial scholarships that will enable the most promising and talented young students from across the region to join our innovative university, despite financial adversity or economic hardship. 

Scholarships are distributed on a competitive basis via Talent competition DMUK TALENT

The Early bird 2022 and family discounts will not apply to scholarship students.

Contact our Admissions team for further details on funding.