QARA Studios – Career Development and Choosing a Profession

As part of Enhancement Week on February 6th, DMUK hosted a guest speech by Yerkebulan Kurishbayev, Head of QARA Studios, Producer, and creator of OYU Fest, YouTube shows OYU Live and Aitpa. He spoke about the importance of career development and choosing a profession.


Yerkebulan emphasized that self-determination is a gradual process, urging individuals not to fear exploring various facets of life. This journey aids in discovering one’s true vocation and finding joy in one’s activities. Additionally, he stressed the significance of dedicating time to pursuits one is passionate about, while also emphasizing the need to prioritize mental health.


The guest lecture by QARA Studios and Yerkebulan not only imparted valuable advice to students but also provided an opportunity for them to ask questions and seek additional guidance.

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