DMUK IT Students Insightful Visit to Almaty Development Centre

On 19 March 2024, in a bid to enrich their practical knowledge, a group of IT students from De Montfort University Kazakhstan embarked on a captivating visit to the Almaty Development Centre. This field trip, organized as part of their academic curriculum, aimed to provide the students with hands-on experience and insights into the innovative initiatives shaping Almaty’s technological landscape.

Accompanied by IT Faculty Programme Lead, Sunil Ramapura, the students embarked on an enriching journey at the Almaty Development Centre, a hub dedicated to fostering socio-economic growth through innovative practices aligned with global standards.

During the visit, the students delved into the core activities of the centre, including monitoring and analyzing vital city indicators, developing systems for interaction between local authorities and citizens, and providing economic expertise for investment projects and public-private partnerships.

One of the highlights of the visit was a detailed exploration of the Situation Centre, an advanced automated system for monitoring the city’s development and life indicators. The students witnessed firsthand how modern information technologies integrate with city databases, allowing real-time data retrieval for informed decision-making.

DMUK students gained valuable insights into the practical applications of their IT skills in a real-world context. They also learned about the pivotal role technology plays in driving Almaty’s progress and enhancing the quality of life for its residents.

Reflecting on the visit, Mr. Sunil, shared, “During this field visit, the students were given an exclusive tour of the Data Center operations, which are at the heart of the city’s digital infrastructure. They witnessed firsthand the sophisticated technology and processes involved in managing vast amounts of data. Additionally, the students were introduced to the City Monitoring Projects, where they learned about how data analytics can drive smart city initiatives and improve urban living. This field visit has undoubtedly broadened our students’ understanding of the practical applications of IT in city governance and operations. A special thanks to Mr. Ruslan Barmashev, who not only coordinated the visit but also took the time to share his extensive knowledge with our students, enriching their learning experience.”

The Almaty Development Centre’s commitment to fostering collaboration between academia and industry was evident throughout the visit, showcasing the importance of experiential learning in preparing students for the dynamic IT landscape.

The visit to the Almaty Development Centre not only provided practical insights but also ignited a sense of responsibility among the students to leverage their IT skills for the greater good of society. It was a testament to the university’s dedication to providing education that equips students with the knowledge and experience to make meaningful contributions to their communities and beyond.

DMUK thanks the Department of Digitalization of Almaty city for organizing the visit. We also extend our gratitude to Mr. Zhanabek Olzhas, Head of the Almaty city Department of Digitalization, for granting our students access to the Almaty Development Centre.

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